Schedule, Tuition, and Fees (2023-2024)

Thank you for choosing ChiCeLaCu for your child’s Spanish education. Please note the following before proceeding with registration for preschool and Saturday School:

Preschoolers ages 3 and up must be fully potty trained. Children under the age of 3 must be in the final stages of toilet training prior to enrollment. As this is a skills-based Spanish Immersion preschool and not a daycare, it is strongly recommended that children 3 years of age who have not had any previous experience with daycare or preschool, begin with the part-time schedule to give the child time to acclimate to the new preschool environment and routine. Parents will be notified when the child is ready for a full-day schedule. Children under the age of 3 are invited to register on a part-time basis only (9:30 AM to noon). After an assessment period of a few months, the child’s teacher will determine when/if the child is ready for a full day schedule.

Please note that Saturday Program at ChiCeLaCu Fairfax accepts children in kindergarten through 6th grade who are heritage speakers/highly proficient students while ChiCeLaCu Tysons accepts children who are considered language learners. Please contact the center to determine the most suitable program for your child.

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