ChiCeLaCu is offeri for 2020-2021 an in-person bilingual preschool and kindergarten in addition to English or traditional preschool and Spanish immersion preschool with locations in Vienna Tysons McLean Falls Church and Fairfax City and Fairfax Station and Fair Oaks in Virginia. It is the best preschool in the northern part of Virginia in Fairfax County. The Preschool is near to Fair Lakes Great Falls Reston and Burke with options for part-time and full-time services and a safe daycare. The Preschool Kindergarten in Tysons Vienna Falls Church in Merrifield and Pimmit Hill has safe and spacious classrooms for children 2.5 to 6 totally equipade and sanitized for Covid ; this preschool is near East Falls Church McLean Dunn Loring Oakton and Annandale. The Preschool near Dunn Loring and Annadale is offering fun activities indoors and outdoors classrooms and a bilingual and traditional preschool and kindergarten for children ages 2.5 to 6 years. The Preschool in Fairfax City Fairfax Station is near to Mantua Oakton and also near to Vienna is offering a bilingual and Spanish Immersion Preschool and Kindergarten with large outdoors areas and spacious and airy indoors classrooms in licensed facilities. The Preschool is safe and the best option for preschoolers in Fairfax County and Northern Virginia. ChiCeLaCu is also offering Spanish online classes for preschoolers and kindergarteners and a Spanish Immersion Saturday School for Spanish speakers and advanced students, students have the opportunity to receive with outstanding Spanish Teachers a fun cartoon drawing classes for children, pencil drawing for children, and math and coding in Spanish for children.This is the best preschool and kindergarten in Fairfax County and in Northern Virginia. Enroll for preschool or kindergarten. Enroll now! 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The Spanish Immersion Preschool in Fairfax City old town, is offering the best Spanish Immersion Preschool of the Northern of Virginia, a really fun, caring and total Spanish Immersion Program for Children between 2, 3, 4 to 5 years old, is offering this Spanish Preschool Monday to Friday in Fairfax Station on Main Street at Fairfax City, close to Ashburn, Mosaic, Dunn Loring, Idylwood, Centreville, Chantilly, Vienna, Oakton, Hunter Mill, Great Falls, Reston, Herdon, Arlington, Chantilly, Dunn Loring, Burke, Springfield, Reston. We are offering the Spanish Bilingual Preschool with total Spanish Immersion program for preschoolers in Fairfax County Northern of Virginia, close to Wolf Trap, Beulah, Maple Ave, South Riding, Legato, Burke, Woodbridge, Mantua, Merrifield, George Mason University, Arlington, Spanish Immersion Preschool in Crystal City, Alexandria, Franconia, Pine Ridge, Pimmit, Hills, Falls Church, the best Spanish Immersion classes for preschoolers close to all Fairfax County Public School in the Northern of Virginia, the town of Fairfax or Old town in Fairfax is offering now the option of a great Spanish Preschool Monday to Friday and also Spanish Immersion Saturday Preschool for children between 2 to 5 year old. Enroll now for Spanish classes for children in Fairfax, VA. 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Interests Preschool: in-person preschool near me, and in-person bilingual preschool near me, offering services In-person preschool in Vienna Va. We have a preschool and Day Care Center in Fairfax City Fairfax Station and Falls Church in the area of Tysons Vienna Va, ChiCeLaCu is the best In-person preschool in Fairfax County, offering high quality services in preschool during Covid. We have a bilingual preschool for the area of Dunn Loring Annadale McLean Tysons and Vienna in Fairfax County Northern of Virginia. This is one of the few Spanish Immersion preschool offering in- person classes for preschoolers during covid, or in-person preschool during pandemic, this safe preschool and Kindergarten during Covid is a high quality program near me. The Preschool is located near to Fairfax Station Va, and the in -person kindergarten during covid is offering classes in-person and online for kindergarteners in a safe environment, , if you are looking for in person kindergarten during pandemic in Tysons Mclean Vienna Oakton Reston Great Falls or Falls Church this is the right place for your child they have great Spanish and bilingual teachers with many outdoors and safe indoors activities. 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Preschool & Kindergarten in the City of Fairfax, Falls Church and Vienna Tysons: Bilingual for Pre-K, Spanish Immersion for Pre-K, and Traditional

Preschool & Kindergarten at ChiCeLaCu! Falls Church / Tysons Vienna and Fairfax City!  Offering high-quality traditional (English-only), bilingual (Spanish-English), and Spanish immersion preschool and kindergarten for families interested in part-time and full-time options with before and after care. Preschool locations are in the areas within Tysons, McLean, Vienna, Falls Church, Pimmit Hills, City of Fairfax, Fairfax Station, Mantua, Oakton, Dunn Loring, Merrifield and Springfield.  

The best preschool and kindergarten programs in Northern Virginia! ChiCeLaCu!’s safe, in-person preschools and in-person kindergartens are the ideal places for children embarking on their first formal learning adventure whether it is in Spanish, English or both! ChiCeLaCu! Fairfax offers Spanish Immersion preschool and kindergarten while ChiCeLaCu! Falls Church / Vienna Tysons offers bilingual and traditional options. We take pride in our cozy, homelike environments and of the very personalized attention we give each and every one of our students. Our small class sizes, outstanding curricula, and dynamic teachers guarantee a nurturing environment where preschoolers and kindergarteners thrive academically, socially, and emotionally all while adhering to COVID-19 safety guidelines including social distancing and mask face coverings. ChiCeLaCu! is licensed (preschool and daycare) by the Virginia Department of Social Services.

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